First bikeways appeared in the Netherlands in the latter half of XIX century. This country is famous with large number of bikes that are one of main transportation means. In the XX century people started to build bikeways in the USA, England, Denmark and Germany.

Bikeways shared with sidewalks were built in postwar period in Finland and Sweden. In 70s interest for bikes significantly reduced that is connected to deprivation of ecological situation. However on the cups of centuries demand for bicycling started to increase and necessity of bikeways development was obvious.
Due to growing popularity of solar energy project of lightsome bikeway having coating that can charge from the Sun was developed in Poland. It’s not only safe to ride along the bikeway, but also interesting because of peculiar lightening.

One of the bikeways in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, at nightfall starts to radiate tender light in the shape of twisted and beautiful designs. This technology is based on the usage of few thousands of tiny phosphorescent stones that absorb solar energy at the daytime.

In London the problem of abandoned crosswalks was solved with fancy way. They were converted into full-scale bikeways. Peculiarity of their coating consists in that every movement of bikers transform into electricity.

Creation of bicycle infrastructure provides comfortable conditions for all road users and stimulates bike rides. Nowadays authorities of many Russian cities are working on the problem of bikeways, but in this case we still are far away from developed Western countries.

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