Types of concrete used in construction work

Different types of concrete are used for different constructing work based on a few things. It depends on the method of construction that will be used, the materials being used in the concrete mix, where the concrete is going to be applied and what properties of the concrete will be essential.

Here are some different types of concretes used based on the characteristics mentioned above.

  1. Polymer concrete

Where the aggregates are bound together with the polymer in substitute of cement.

  • High-strength Concrete

This concretes strength is 40MPa and greater. This achieved by having a 0.35 or lower water-cement ratio when you are making the concrete.

  • Shotcrete Concrete

The concrete is shot into the framework, and that is where it gets its name. This concrete is shot with the help of a nozzle as the shooting occurs in high air pressure, the compaction, as well as the placing, co-occur.

  • Normal strength concrete

It is gained by combining the usual ingredients that are used in concrete mixing. Which will result in a standard strength concrete, the strength varies from 10MPa to 40MPa. And it takes about an hour and a half to set completely.

  • Plain concrete

The main ingredients of plain concrete are cement, aggregates, and water. This concrete will most likely be used in the construction of pavements and construction of residential or commercial buildings.

  • Precast concrete

Precast concrete in when some structural elements are cast before in the factory. And they when construction begins the elements are brought to the site and are further assembled. This can be comparatively faster as the only assembly is required on site.

  • Light-weight concrete

If the density of the concrete is lesser than 1920kg/m9cube) then this concrete can be called light-weight concrete. The aggregates that are used in this concrete are important in creating lightweight concrete. The examples of lightweight concrete are scoria, perlites etc.

  • Air Entrained concrete

These are the type of concrete where the air is consciously entrapped for an amount of 6% of the concrete. This can be made possible by adding gas or foams to the concrete mixture. Resins, alcohols are some of the examples.

There are a lot of types that are included in concrete that is used for construction because the understanding of concrete and its properties is an ever-evolving process.

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