Different types of concrete

While constructing anything, concrete is one of the most common elements used. Concrete is a binding element without which nothing could ever stay in its place. Hence it is one of the essential components. However, there are various types of concrete used for multiple purposes.

Modern concrete

This concrete mix is used exceptionally often and is used routinely by everyone. Make sure you don’t confuse yourself, with cement and concrete. Concrete is hard by nature, and it is a substance that can be compared to rock and is used regularly in urban construction sites.

Whereas cement is an element or ingredient that is used in concrete. Cement combined with aggregate and water results in concrete. Concrete is the most used material, and it will always be the most used material if infrastructure and building a new building continue.

High-Performance Concrete

High-performance concrete is not well known for its compressive resistance. Its principal properties include its lasting mechanical properties, and it can be placed anywhere without affecting the strength of the framework, its toughness and how long it can last in various weather conditions.

Ultra High-performance

This is the kind of concrete that you will find previously mixed in bags because of its high components. Some of the elements are fine mixed powders, which give the ultra high performance the durability it is known for. Ultra high performance doesn’t need any other reinforcement unlike other concretes.

Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete is one more concrete that is used routinely. This concrete is used to make roads, or to make parking lots, pavements etc. This concrete is applied architecturally as compared to the application of others. After laying down the concrete, a mould is placed on top to create the appearance of natural stone whilst it is getting hard.

Self-Consolidating concrete

Mechanical vibrations are used whilst setting concrete in usual cases, Self-consolidating concrete does need mechanical vibrations whilst being set, it eliminates that step. This concrete has two advantages, it saves time whilst being laid down, and it uses less labour to do so. 


Shotcrete is a process of placing the cement by shooting it in the infrastructure through a nozzle under high air pressure. Shotcrete also has two types the wet shotcrete dry mix and the dry shotcrete dry mix.


Limecrete or lime concrete is a kind of concrete that replaces cement with lime in its mixture. Lime absorbs carbon dioxide, so when this concrete is used with material like star and wood these materials won’t deteriorate, because the lime concrete has the property to control moisture.

These are the following types of concrete that are most frequently used in our infrastructures.

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