Almost 90% of the people out there think that concrete and cement are the same things. In reality, concrete and cement are two different things. Cement is just but a component of concrete. Concrete is made up of three main components. They include; Aggregates for example rocks, travels and sand Portland cement Water On the... Read MoreConcrete Defined

Different types of concrete

While constructing anything, concrete is one of the most common elements used. Concrete is a binding element without which nothing could ever stay in its place. Hence it is one of the essential components. However, there are various types of concrete used for multiple purposes. Modern concrete This concrete mix is used exceptionally often and... Read MoreDifferent types of concrete

What are the different grades of concrete?

What is concrete? Concrete is a mixture made up of several components mixed together in different ratios depending on its use. The essential components for concrete are water, aggregate (rock, sand, or gravel) and powdered cement. Concrete can also play a role as a binding agent. With this, whenever concrete is mixed with water, it... Read MoreWhat are the different grades of concrete?

Types of concrete used in construction work

Different types of concrete are used for different constructing work based on a few things. It depends on the method of construction that will be used, the materials being used in the concrete mix, where the concrete is going to be applied and what properties of the concrete will be essential. Here are some different... Read MoreTypes of concrete used in construction work